I have found that sorting makes valuable. A perfect example are, again, stones. Once I heard a guy referring to the area we live in as “one big heap of stones”- and it was not meant to be a compliment! It is painfully true, though. There seems more rock and stones than soil. Wherever you want to dig, do groundwork, build foundations, plant trees or a garden, there are rocks. Of all sizes. Some too huge to be moved by normal machinery, millions of small ones that need to be picked up in order to make your vegetable garden manageable. And all the sizes in between. Stones seem frustrating and quite worthless, and they tend to appear in places you don’t want them to be. But once you go through picking them up, loading them in your wheelbarrow, pushing your load to an assigned area, all the while sorting them roughly by size…you somehow experience that those worthless objects start forming into a treasure: raw material. And you realize that on the one hand, stones seem to be everywhere you don’t need them, but you also have a need for stones- everywhere! Be it simply filling holes in your bumpy yard or road, supporting different constructions, stabilizing fence posts, framing flower beds, to only name a few. Over the centuries, the most beautiful landscape architecture has been created by simply picking up stones from the fields and building stone walls with them. I kind of feel rich, owning lots of stones of different sizes. Whenever we need some, or a certain size, I know that I will find the perfect one- in the sorted heap of stones we own!

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