Simply ingenious

I have always liked to fold clothes. There is a sense of accomplishment in getting that huge ole pile of laundry into neat stacks and ready for delivery back into the different closets!

I must look happy doing it, because numerous people have commented on it! And I must do it well, too – nothing else would explain those “like in the Army”-comments;)

However, little did I know that one simple idea, one little step further would bring the revolution of  my handling of clothes?

  1. Closet-time is the only resting-time for your clothes! Grant it to them.
  2. Every piece of clothing should only have to bear its own weight, not be squished or stretched or twisted.
  3. Little “standing-by-its-own” packages do the trick!
  4. Sorting by color pleases the eye and makes them look even more valuable.

Unbelievable how well this works! Suddenly there is more space, a better overview and finally the chance to get whichever piece of clothing out without destroying “the pile”! Even those wire-drawers, which I never knew how to use them, get into real action, holding, for example, up to twenty mens’ XL-sized shirts easily.

Try it!

It really is simple.

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