Simple work


My mind was whirring with all the stuff I had to do and remember. Running behind in all kinds of important things I really didn’t have the time to go out and stack firewood! Although I generally love working outside, I felt like I simply couldn’t afford losing time like that, what with a few deadlines coming up next week. But then I went out anyway. Just for a little while, I thought to myself. First I had a hard time picking up where I left off last time. Also, a lot of the pieces were very crooked and hard to place to make a stable built. But soon I found my way into this simple work again. Every piece of firewood has its very own shape and weight, although all of them are supposed to have roughly the same length. Some fit here, some better there. And only some are suited to build the corners. I love how all those pieces make such a beautiful stack. I love this simple work. I love feeling, seeing and finding just the right place for an especially twisted log. The rhythm of this simple and quiet work makes it possible for my mind to settle down and unwind. I listen to the wind, the melting snow dripping from the roofs. A few early spring birds tweet. Nobody is talking to me or demanding from me. I don’t particularly think of anything special, but my mind starts coming up with new ideas and solutions to all kinds of things. Just like that.

And when all the logs are stacked, I am physically tired, but mentally refreshed and excited to go inside, make myself a cup of coffee and start tackling my more complicated tasks that I am now so well prepared for…by going outside and doing some really simple work.


Flying kites

Flying kites

Open space, wind, a kite. And a bar of Finnish chocolate… We have kite-flying season twice a year. It is either the vast openness of the frozen sea in wintertime or the golden fields of the great Söderfjärden in the fall that make us check on wind conditions, pack up our kites and go out there to fly them. It is fun to try to choose the right one, depending as much on the current wind as on the individual weight and strength of the person holding it. Sometimes I find it downright scary! I have to dig in my heels as to not being pulled over or up. My arms start aching. Still I want to try to fly those figures, use the wind and not be beaten by it, keep that delicate kite from crashing down. Landing it nicely is also a skill that needs a lot of training on my part! The kids are way more brave and relaxed with it. And my husband is a natural anyway. The colors are beautiful, and I enjoy the fact that for the time being, the most important is right there. My family, us together, feet on the ground and focus on the tiny colorful thing dancing up in the sky.